Top Deck Roofing has an edge over the others in the market where tiling is concerned. Our master roofers with many years experience behind them will ensure you have a roof to last many generations. Top Deck Roofing uses either concrete tiles or terracotta tiles for tiling the roofing. A roof is the first thing anyone notices in a house or building.

A tiled roof made by Top Deck Roofing attracts more attention than any other type of roof. Top Deck Roofing and its master roofers can tile your roof according to any design. Further, our pricing scheme can be compared favorably with any in the market.

Top deck Roofing can give you a roof that can withstand the test of time while retaining its colour. This is achieved by tiling with terracotta tiles. A good example would be the houses built in the yester years which had roofs tiled with terracotta tiles that lasted centuries.

In the modern world one can find different types of tiles in different shapes and colours. The Terracotta tiles are the most popular roofing material. Top Deck Roofing recommends using terracotta tiles for new houses. However, it can be used to replace old roofs as well.

Top Deck Roofing also uses Concrete tiles for roofing, Concrete tiles are ideal for areas that are frequently beaten by the extreme vagaries of the weather. These tiles come with at least a 50 year warranty and are available in a variety of colours. You can make your selection from among the varied colours available to match your colour scheme and the environment.

At Top Deck Roofing, our master roofers will be willing to help you make your decision. Call us for a visit and we’ll discuss the details after evaluating your place. At Top Deck Roofing, we are happy to state that we service both the retail and government sectors. Call us if you need any help. A roofing done by a professional is far better than a D-I-Y job.