A major repair means the roof needs replacement. Depending on the type of roof, Top Deck Roofing has professionals who have experience handling roof replacements. Our company takes on not only small projects but commercial projects as well. Whatever the size, our attention to detail in executing our work, guarantees a long lasting roof.

Roof replacements may be necessitated when extremes of weather conditions cause the roof to be badly damaged. Also, pests / possum and major leaks can cause irreparable damage to your roof. Or sometimes, you may be bored with the roof you’ve got and wish to replace with a modern looking, fashionable roof that will last longer with little or no maintenance.

Top Deck Roofing has the specialists to handle this type of work. They will not only advise you on options available to you and the suitability of a product, but will also assist you in choosing the best product according to your budget. Top Deck Roofing is proud that our workmanship can stand the test of time due to the high quality of products used and the superior expertise.

At Top Deck Roofing, we use all types of materials like cement and terracotta tiles, colour bonding metal sheets and many more products for roof replacements. If your house or property is in an area which is demarcated as heritage or conservation, our experts at Top Deck Roofing will work towards restoring the roofs and maintaining them to pristine conditions.

With the backing of a number of years experience and superior workmanship our experts at Top Deck Roofing can guarantee a long-lasting, environmentally friendly roof with less maintenance. The quality of products used in roof replacements have been tested for performance in Australian weather conditions for many years and has been approved by Australian Standards.

Call us for a free quotation. No sooner we are awarded the project, our experts will begin work with professionalism. Your roof is safe in our hands.