Top Deck Roofing has highly experienced manpower who can work with any type of material like concrete, metal, slating, colour bonding and more. Top Deck Roofing understands the urgency and ensures that our workmanship give you peace of mind for a number of years.

A roof isn’t just a cover over your head. It does more than that. It protects you from the extremes of weather conditions be it hot, wet or cold. Damage or a fault in the roof that needs major repairs can give many residents a recurring headache as they will not have any peace of mind. Top Deck Roofing has professionals backed with years of experience handling all types of projects whether they are small or commercialised.

When you call us, our experts at Top Deck Roofing will visit your home or site and inspect your roof to evaluate the cause and extent of repairs, and will provide you with an estimate. We will also advise you on the most suitable means of repairing in order to increase the lifespan of a roof.

There are many types of repairs that a professional works with. At Top Deck Roofing, our professionals are very adept and proficient at working with various material from metal, slate, timber or colour bonding in effecting repairs to your roof. We at Top Deck Roofing handle:

  • Detection of leaks and preventing further damage
  • Cleaning and repairing of down pipes and blocked gutters, and storm water drainage
  • Making flat roofs waterproof
  • Replacing broken tiles or slates
  • Skylights
  • Metal Roofing
  • Repairs to cement or terracotta tiled roofs
  • Identifying and sealing of entry points of pests and possum.

Whatever the extent of damage, Top Deck Roofing can handle it. Our workmanship carries with a warranty as we use only high quality durable products meeting industrial standards. Our experts can be contacted by phone or by email and our friendly staff will ensure you are attended to as soon as possible.